TACOMA REPORTER : December 2001
Review of Squish Me Down Records' "18" (featuring Menage A Trois by Dolour)
   "It all comes down to now/would you make your mind up somehow/take me or
leave me" continually pleads Dolour's Shane Tutmarc on "Menage a Trois"
- part of the 18 song compilation, EIGHTEEN on local North End label Squish Me Down. 
The comp features 18 NW artists to benefit the Rape And Incest National Network

EIGHTEEN tries precariously to balance the pop personalities with that
of its more hard rockin' and/or electro outfits like Doll Factory's "River of Light"
(think KMFDM and Pigface), Sea Jayne Trip's "Forgive Me" and Murder of Crows "Saint of
Killers" - with some success.  Absolute standouts include the aforementioned Dolour
track along with the Drop's "Upside Down" which with its sonic textures and
breathtakingly fragile vocals are remininiscent of Mercury Rev.  Ruston Mire's "The
Hole in Her Chest" features dark pop ala The Cars with Brian Naubert's equal parts
smooth/haunting vocals and the ethereal feminine vocals in "Prarie Bride" recall a
mysterious relationship to that of Tori Amos or even Jewel.  Other worth listens: Joe
Davis (Pinehurst Kids) and his introspective "Cleo", the hyperactive pop/punk of Once for
Kicks' "Teen Mags" and the acoustic wailing twang of "Highway Hotel" from Dear John
	Lisa Gunter, Tacoma Reporter