Waiting for a world war 
by Magnet Issue #51 Sept/Oct 2001

In these trying times when everything is post-something, the pop band finds itself in an
enenviable position. How, after all, is a young man to flirt with success using three
chords and a melody when the boy at the beer keg is busy tweaking out symphonies on his
mini-moog? Such is the dilemma of Dolour, a one man outfit from seattle whose debut
gamely aims to make fresh the familiar. The man in question Shane Tutmarc, has a winning,
stuffy-nose rasp and a batch of songs that are instantly singable, if ultimately
forgettable. But you can't accuse hime of not trying. He pulls out all the pop stops:
bouncing the first two syllables of the name 'Cleopatra' three times before launching
into the chorus of "Cleopatra Eyes" dropping "Daydream Believer" keyboards on "Sophie"
breaking into aching falsetto on "Now you're on your own" It works, falling at times
alongside fellow northwesties with its quasi piano bounce and elliott smith like vocal
fragility. The trouble is that while Tutmarc's charm is alluring at first he can't quite
sustain it. And while he's stringing together sweet nothings, that strange boy by the key
with the analog synth starts looking better and better. 

(typed out by Zoe, thank you!)