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Hello. I am Shane Tutmarc. Welcome to Dolour's website. Dolour was originally formed as a group in 1997, but has evolved into my main outlet for creativity. Many influences find their way into my music, but records that really freak me out include: the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Danny Elfman's Edward Scissorhands score, Weezer's Pinkerton, The Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin, Daft Punk's Discovery, Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, and Wilco's Summer Teeth. With one full-length (available on Sonic Boom) under our belt and the most solid live line-up we've ever had, we're anxious for you all to hear our next opus. In June 2002 I completed Suburbiac, it will be released October 29th on Fugitive Recordings. Keep in touch: dolour@hotmail.com

We have a couple shows in the works, but nothing we can post yet. Expect a complete over-haul at the next show. A lot of busy bees are flying around my head, as we prepare the relase of our 2nd album. Over the summer I wrote two new records, but now my head is back with Suburbiac - preparing the new baby for this harsh, cold world. We'll have our new sampler CDs at our next show (they feature Suburbiac versions of Menage a Trois and So Done With You). They come with a coupon for $4 off our album (if you buy it at Sonic Boom - the best record store in Seattle). Hope to see you all at upcoming shows. Hope you are enjoying the "Autumn of Action"! XO Shane

Lots of crazy behind the scenes stuff going on right now. Everyone keep Dolour in your nightly prayers. Lets get some good music in the airwaves again! In personnel news.. after flirting with our live shows for the last few months, it looks like we may have snatched Phil Peterson for a semi-full time position as "utility guy".. that way Kevin, Charlie, Peter and I can focus more on what we do. Phil will be filling things out with trumpet, keys, vocal harmonies, and maybe he'll bust out his infamous cello. Phil been part of the Dolour studio crew for over a year, but now he'll be a familiar face at our live shows! By the way, Phil plays bass and sings for Rockstar Crush (as if you didn't already know!). Hope to see you all at the Old Firehouse on September 26th (the day after my 21st B-day!). XO Shane

p.s. Wonderful has recently updated their website with new song samples.. you know what that means - what are you doing here.. go on.. get outta here!

Hey check out mp3.com/dolour! Fugitive Records put a full Mp3 of "Menage a Trois" off our upcoming album. Man, I am bummed.. on Saturday night "So Done WIth You" was featured on the NBC show -Meet the Folks, but I missed it. And not knowing when it was gonna be on, I didn't have a chance to warn any of you. I had heard a few months ago, when the deal first went down, that we were gonna have a song on that show.. but I never got the details. Well, thank God for re-runs. So start watching that show, kids! Speaking of shows -- tonight we play with the Long Winters and Ultimate Fake Book at the Paradox. We're really pumped to be playing all-ages more, there was a stretch of a few months a while back, where we were only playing bars.. so its good to be back. Rock on party people! XO shane.

p.s. I'm not sure if you guys knew it was Fall yet, but go to Beck.com and listen to his new album, he's show you the way.

Last night's show in Olympia will go down as probably the most rock and roll Dolour set yet. Hopefully it's just a sign of things to come.. but with knocked over drumsets, thrown guitars, manic gang vocals, and guest trumpet blasting, there was a lot of punk in the room. I think it was because we had to follow up such energetic sets from Rockstar Crush and The Divorce (our new label mates on Fugitive) we had to up the punk. There is a new article about our upcoming record at  Fine Print - check it out. Artwork is now done for our record (the layout is incredible), so if all goes as planned we should be good to go for the October 29th release date. We hope to start booking a fall tour soon, but we have the little set back of no booking agent. Let me remind you all: we are very pro! Hahaha. Hope to see you all on Tuesday at the Paradox, when we show Ultimate Fake Book and The Long Winters how to rock with your "pop" out. XO shane.

Welcome to September! Wow, the summer is almost over. What an amazing summer its been, the weather's been off the hook, music's been flowing like wine, and it seems like the prophesy of a summer of love has come true (in many ways). Check out our photos page for some fresh shots of Charlie, Peter, Kevin and I goofing around. More behind the scenes stuff coming together for our album. We have some great shows coming up, and we hope to see you all soon. More news soon...

The house party was a blast. We sounded like a big old sloppy rock band, and Seldom cleaned up nicely after us. Its fun getting to hang out with kids I always see at shows, but never really get to talk to (you know who you are!). We just got a few shows booked for September, so we hope to see you all soon. Lots is going on behind-the-scenes right now, so we'll have some intense news on its way. Also, rock shots are on their way. Peter always gets someone to take pics at our shows, so we'll have some good ones to put up soon. LOVE - Shane.

What a rocking show last night! Amazing performaces by Amy Blaschke, Seldom and Rocky.. with a little Dolour-love right in the middle. Tonight we are playing a house party in the Central District with Seldom.. and everyone is invited! Hope to see you all!

8-10 THANKS TO EVERYONE who came out for our show last night. It was an action-packed bill. Even though I'd never been to a sweatier show, everyone still put out the good energy. Lots of dancing to be had with United State of Electronica opening it up, and The Capillaries rocking tunes.. then Rockstar Crush put us all over the edge with their pop hits. It gave us so much energy to rock our set even harder. Charlie rocked some synthesizer on Iceland for the first time, and showed us all what a great multi-instrumentalist he is! And with a "surpise" appearance of Phil Peterson blasting some trumpet on Menage a Trois, (the brand new) A Matter of Time, and Suburbiac - it was a special evening. If you are wondering who Phil is.. he is MANY things.. one of them being my right hand man in the studio. Hopefully we can get some more guest appearences!! Keep your chins up. See you Aug 23rd at the Paradox. Love, Shane

Hey check out our new label's website: fugitiverecordings.com. It has our music video on the front page! Hope you dig it! See you all friday.

As always, its late at night, and I have many things racing thru my brain. We are wrapping up all the odds and ends preparing for our record release. The video is at a final edit stage (its hilarious - and it WILL be included with our CD), last week we shot the album cover photo (more details soon, including a rough image), and today I did an interview that will be used to make our bio for the press releases. Everybody - tell your friends and family to pick up SUBURBIAC on October 29th! We have a few great all-ages shows coming up, so hopefully everyone can make it to these. The show this friday includes 3 of my favorite local bands, so be sure to check out that all-star bill. As usual, we will be debuting a new song, plus playing a lot of our next album, and a few gems from our first album. We also just got a show opening for Seldom's belated CD release. If you haven't heard ROMANCE by SELDOM yet.. pick it up NOW! Its a sure sign that this truley is a summer of love. Amazing songwriting, and good people. Hope you can catch that one.

hey, its after 1 in the morning and I just got back from a full day of shooting the Menage a Trois video. I think its gonna be a very entertaining video. There is romance, a fight scene, rockin' out. tango dancing, a cute girl, and a jock. Very action packed. I'm flying back to Seattle tomorrow afternoon. I just wanted to let everyone in on the excitment. Let's all cross our fingers that this album and video will really stir things up where it matters! XO Shane

OK.. I've been biting my tounge for a while now, trying to find the right time to talk about some of this stuff. There's been some pretty exciting, behind-the-scenes stuff going on. Here's the scoop: Fugitive Records, a brand new label out of Seattle (that already has planned releases by Damien Jurado, Rocky Votalato, and Dennison Whitmere) has signed Dolour to a 3 record contract. Suburbiac will hit stores in September as Fugitive's first release, and will be distributed by Caroline (Ben Folds Five, Smashing Pumpkins, etc). And some really cool news, tomorrow morning I fly down to LA for a video shoot for our song, "Menage a Trois". There have been some great brainstorms of ideas for the video and I think we've choosen the best one. I will add some more info on this after I return from LA on Tuesday. Send out some Maximum Love Vibes as I am down in LA; let's make the best video ever made! See you all soon. Love, Shane

Our show in B-ham last night was good times. Being that Charlie and I are underage, we kicked it outside most of the time (in the rain).. while Peter and Kevin macked on hippy bar chicks. Ok.. not exactly.. but the show went well, and it was well worth the trip. The Factory is a great place to play. There is a new review of the 7" on our press page. There is an article on Dolour/Shane in the new issue of local punk zine, Ghetto Chicken.. and there is a live review in the new issue of What's Up (a Bellingham zine).. both will be posted soon! Ok -- a little outside of Dolour for a sec.. I never do this but I want to promote a cool show happening this Monday night at the I-Spy.. Friends for Hereos (one of our favorite bands) is playing with an amaing new R&B, Dance band - United State of Electronica (who are on Manheim records). You should all be there (i think I have a few connections to slip me in).. so check them out.. they are a little Prince, a little Daft Punk, and a little James Brown!! See you all soon!

OK.. I have lots to say today. A) Our record is done! B) It will most likely be released in early September (making it a full year from demo-phase to completion) C) We played a house show last night (minus Peter), and we all had a BLAST! D) We have a new show booked for this Friday.

Alright that was easy.. here's the "final running order" for our late summer release, SUBURBIAC:
1. Menage a Trois
2. Suburbiac
3. So Done With You
4. A Billion Odd People
5. Iceland
6. Get Yourself Together
7. Highway Hypnosis
8. Rest Your Head
9. Chasing the Wrong Girl Home
10. Baggage
11. Too Old For Fantasy

Hope to see you all at shows soon! Love, Shane

There is a new MP3 available. It was recorded last fall, but I just found it in a pile of old demos. In LP2 news.. it looks like I will FINALLY be putting the finishing touches on the album this Saturday at Compound Studios with Aaron Sprinkle. Since early March the record has stayed in a 80% finished, tease of a record. But completion is now right around the corner. Look forward to a late Summer release (cross your fingers). It looks like we will be making a video for the album, and doing some extensive touring. So we have lots to prepare for. We have a show next Wednesday, so I hope to see some pretty faces there. Loves, Shane.

>selected old news<

  • Prom show at the Old Firehouse was good times! Happy 10th anniversary Old Firehouse!
  • The End (107.7)'s local show, "the young and the restless" debuted new Dolour last Sunday. They played "Chasing the Wrong Girl Home", from our as of yet, still un-finished and un-released album!!
  • In "songwriting" news, I am currently knee deep in pre-production for another record. Its very different than any previous Dolour stuff, its actually more like a soundtrack. It's working title is "Pieces" and it's about 18-20 songs (including a few instrumentals) that are looking like a solid album. Tracking for that project will begin in late June, so I'll try to keep you all updated on all the different happenings.
  • Also - check out this new info on the Beach Boys comp (featuring our version of This Whole World): here.

  • Work began on our Brian Wilson tribute track. We're doing "This Whole World", orginally from the Beach Boys' Sunflower album in 1970. All the members of Wonderful were in the studio to help create the track.
  • Look for the comp on Silent Planet Records this July!

  • Check out the updated discography page!

  • On Thursday we got thrown (last minute) on a bill with Portland's great, Carolines, at the Liquid Lounge in the EMP. It was a pretty surreal show. I hadn't been to EMP before, it reminded me of Disneyland.
  • Then last night (friday night) we cruised up to Bellingham to play with The Prom, and Bellingham's The Pale at Western University. It was a blast! We all felt it was our best show yet. Lots of great kids were there and they had a great sound system.
  • Just a little shout out.. as I am typing I'm listening to Hourglass Lake's incredible new album, Calliope. Its available at Sonic Boom and a few other local record shops.. look for it. It just may be the album we all needed to kick off this now infamous Summer of Love!

    >really old news...

    April Fools Day- HELLO! Hey lots has been happening. Ok first - last week our song was NOT on the MTV Extreme Challege - because it was a re-run. In an email they explained to me that MTV wanted to strech out the show over Spring Break, because its rating's have been so good. So TONIGHT(monday, april 1st) is the NIGHT (10pm on MTV - pacific time). Judging from last weeks episode, its probably gonna be a pretty short clip, so keep your ears peeled for some "(No) Ordinary People"-love.

    Our show on Saturday night was amazing, thanks to a great crowd and three great bands we were able to play with. I hadn't seen Seldom in forever (in fact, who had?) and they were very tight and very on point. The Prom put on a good show too, I'm stoked that they are incorporating a 4th "utility" member - it adds so much to their sound. And Rocky Votalato gave the kids what they wanted, but with a band! A perfect bill, in my opinion.

    In album news, we still have two songs left to finish and mix (Rest Your Head and Highway Hypnosis). But I've already started demoing tracks for our 3rd album. can't... stop... now... the summer of love... approaches.. must.. keep the music.. flowing. err.. ok. I'll see you all soon. xo shane.

    3-21-02 Thanks for all who came out on Friday for our Firehouse show. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Hourglass Lake played a great show.. I think my favorite song of their has got to be SUGAR PILL! Our friend, Jordana, took some pics on her (self-described) "nerdy" digital camera.. check out the pics here: live pics! Remember: this monday 10pm.. you have a date with MTV. Weird.. i never thought i'd say something like that. I guess I'm growing up...

    GET YOUR VCR'S READY! - Dolour's song (No) Ordinary People is gonna be featured on MTV's Real World/Road Rules - Battle of The Seasons, Monday 3/25 at 10pm (Pacific time). Straight from the man: "The cue comes in the middle of Act 1 when Holly S. and Josh talk about how they have nothing to lose and should really go for it in the next mission." He also mentioned that tonight's show is going to be a mid-season recap, so you might check that out to see what has happened so far, who the characters are, etc. WOOOOO HOOOO! Also, thanks to everyone for sending me album title ideas, keep them coming! And I hope to see you on at our show on Friday! LOVE!

    So last night was supposed to be the last night of recording/mixing, but my voice was pretty worn out from the heavy last few weeks and we had to end the night was 2 songs that still need more vocals and a mix. So probably in the next few weeks I'll be able to get in there for a day or two and finish this baby up. BY the way.. can anyone help me with the album title? Here's the song titles: Highway Hypnosis, Get Yourself Together, Menage a Trois, The Ballad, Rest Your Head, Suburbiac, Iceland, A Billion Odd People, Chasing the Wrong Girl Home, Baggage, and Too Old For Fantasy. You've probably heard over half of these live over the last 6 months... so if anyone has a good title for me.. send it here. Thanks!

    hey check this cool thing out that my brother made... its pretty intense. ENJOY.

    News from the studio - "Stray" has just been left on the cutting room floor (possibly for the next album) and replaced by a newer song, "Chasing the Wrong Girl Home"(never played live) . So i guess since neither have been played live before, it won't really matter to you. Some cool studio news.. I got Peter (of Wonderful) to play some Mandolin on "Too Old For Fantasy" yesterday, and today we are finishing up my current favorite song, "A Billion Odd People" (featuring some sweet Theramin-love). Keep sending those good vibrations. Love - Shane.

    Official album 2 recording has begun. After about 6 months of pre-production (here and there), I'm finally in the studio for a solid 2 and half weeks to get this sucka finished. The songs are being narrowed down.. these are the songs Aaron Sprinkle (producer) and I have choosen to focus on: Highway Hypnosis (never played live), Get Yourself Together, Menage a Trois, Rest Your Head, Suburbiac, The Ballad, Iceland, Too Old For Fantasy (never played live), "A Billion Odd People" (the nameless song we've been playing lately), Stray (never played live) and Baggage (which was only played last summer with the two-piece line-up). So most of these you've heard lately at shows.. but there will be plenty of surprises. Keep checking back in for updates on the studio action.

    By the way Compound Recording (the studio i am recording at) has a website - check it!

    Valentine's Day has arrived. For some it will be a day to appreciate the love in your life, the romance, and the hardwork that relationships can be. For us, it will be a night of pure rock and roll ecstasy! Please come check out the Valentine's Day party at the Paradox (in the U Distric of Seattle), starring DOLOUR, also our friends Wonderful will be giving you an experience not soon to forget. We've added 4 new songs to our set, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Remember: all you need is love. Over and out - Shane.

    We now have full MP3s of tracks from "Waiting for a World War", and the rarity, "Sandi, Lets Do It". Expect to see 3 new additions to our set on Valentine's Day.

    P.S. Wonderful has just begun working on their album.. its looking like its gonna be a SUMMER OF LOVE with new releases from Wonderful, Dolour, Pedro The Lion, Seldom, The Prom, and many other great local bands all releasing recordings in Spring and Summer 2002!!

    OLD NEWS...
    Alright! Our little January "over-exposure" tour is finally over. What a month! Kicking it off with the Squish me Down comp release at the YMCA (ok.. so a shaky start).. but then the magic started flowing at the ISPY with Wonderful (!), and Friends for Hereos (one of my new local favs - some cool dudes in the band as well).. then the next night with Aaron Sprinkle and the Carolines (wow, great pop as well!). Too many exclamation points are needed for this entry... then we closed out the tour with a fun "punk"-style show up at the Showoff Gallery in Bellingham (w/peter and kevin doing double duty with Wes Dando on the bill as well!), and finally our best show yet at the Local 46 with (gasp! another amazing local band...) Hourglass Lake. This city's music scene is on fire! Thanks to all who came out tot he shows. We sold out of girl shirts after the first three shows.. but we got more ordered in time for the last two. So we are now stocked up again for February. Keep in mind: this is the last run of this design. The next shirts will have a new look, new colors, etc.

    Look around updates should be popping up all around...
    p.s. the album song poll just disappeared a few weeks ago with no warning.. so i don't have any final results.. but Cleopatra Eyes was hands down your favorite song!

    A surprising bit of recognition came from this month's PULSE! (you know the free magazine at Tower Records). They listed our record as one of 2001's best "indie records" (next to great artists such as The Strokes and Ryan Adams).. read it online here (in the "Young and the Restless" section). Weird, rad!

    We got videos! Check out the mulitmedia page! These are just a preview of the madness that will be this month of shows for us!

    Happy New Year! This is a very exciting new years for us.. we have 5 shows this month. Every show has a little something else to offer. This weekend marks the offical CD release show for the Squish me Down compilation that features our song, "Menage A Trois". The following weekend we are playing with one of our favorite local band's Wonderful at the I-Spy, then playing with Aaron Sprinkle (who is producing our next record) the following night. Also - we have t-shirts in the works! They should be ready by our next show.. click here for a sample image.. (the photo is from the t-shirt company.. yeah!). See you all soon!

    Man, can you believe 2001 is almost over? Wow, this year went by fast. Lots happened in Dolourland, lets recap a bit. April - we released our first album, Waiting for a World War. July - we did a mini-tour in California. October - we released the Iceland b/w The Ballad 7". And finally in December we were featured on Squish me Down's "18 NW Artists" Comp! Also, along the way we've gotten some really supportive reviews, I've started working on our second album, and (just in the last month) I've stumbled apon a steady live band. We have 3 shows booked already in January (and a few more in the works). So you will be seeing lots of Peter, Kevin, Charlie and I as we kick Dolour into 2002 gear. Next year we can look forward to our second album being released (probably around May-ish), and a more extensive tour to follow. I can't wait..

    Look around, I've updated a few things.. the comp just got a nice review. Menage a Trois (featured on the Squish me Down comp) has been getting some play on KEXP, so listen up for that (hey, request it even!). Also - congrats to our friends in Vendetta Red for following their dreams to the golden pot that is the *major label deal* - woo hoo!