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November 10 1997
The Shivering (Gregory/Tutmarc)
Positive (Ondrechek/Tutmarc)

Engineer/Producer: Aaron Sprinkle at GBU, Seattle

Shane Tutmarc - vocals, guitar
Joe Gregory - Bass
Kevin Ondrechek - Drums
Delta - guitar

Goal of session: To self-release a 7".  Later after Theory Records head, Aaron
Davis, heard these recordings it promted him to release our first 7" (with a new B-Side)

March ?? 1998 Songs: That Dreadful Anthem (Gregory/Tutmarc) Same engineer/producer and musicians as last session. Goal of session: the B-Side for Theory 7".
June 10?? 1998 Songs: Vignettes (aka We're All Rememnants of Light and E.) Mere Ok, Transient Radiation is Jazz (aka ???) Are There No Inferior Flowers Swimming in the Mirage Engineer: Doug Tutmarc at Hot Cellar, Seattle Musicians: Shane, Joe, Kevin, Delta Goal of session: to self-release an EP (tenativly titled "Dance Annotations"). Trivia: Kevin quit after this session, and the EP remains unreleased,
Shortly after this session Dolour broke up.. for the first time. After much thought, and stress.. Shane and Joe decided to re-form Dolour with Lacey Brown on drums...
November ?? 1998 songs: On a Fashionable Sunday Morning "Soul Song" Diet Coke (#1) Engineer: Doug Tutmarc at Hot Cellar, Seattle Musicians: Shane Tutmarc - Vocals, Guitar (some keys ??) Joe Gregory - Bass, Keyboards Lacey Brown - Drums Goal of session: to record the "new" Dolour, for a CD-R at shows.
December ?? 1998 Songs: Postcards and the Consitution (recorded earlier sometime) Radiation is Jazz (#2) Divided Under a #ed Sky Action and Action Now! Lessons in the Esoteric Diet Coke (#2) Engineer: Chris Early at Joe's House Musicians: Shane - Vocals, Guitar, Piano (on "Divided") Joe - Bass Lacey - Drums additional: Chris Early played keys on "Postcards" Goal of session: To release a split EP with the Cat Inside (Chris' band). Side note: "Postcards" was originally an Urban Crush song (Shane's band from before Dolour).
September ?? 1999 Songs: Boy Racer Loves Heart Breaker The Essence of Fluorescent Luv Ulcers on Tap Diet Coke (3rd and final version) Engineer: Tim Harmond at Spectre, Issaquah Musicians Shane - Vocals, Guitar Joe - Bass, Sax (on the coda of "Diet Coke") Lacey - Drums Goal of session: to release a new EP to sell and shows and shop to labels. A few side notes: Dolour originally approached Blake Westcott (who later produced their first full length) to produce, but at the last minute he had to fly out to New York with his band (Saltine) and handed them off to Tim. Also... with this recording Dolour got its first radio play... on KCMU's morning show and on KNDD's "young and the restless" local show. "Boy Racer" was the big hit.. although "Essence" got played too.
January 1-4 2000 - "SF Demos" Songs: The Essence of Fluorescent (#2) Ghost Stories Cleopatra Eyes Mona, Mona Boy Racer Loves Heart Breaker (#2) Radiation is Jazz (#3) Engineer: John Croslin at Tiny Telephone, San Fransisco Musicians: Shane Tutmarc - Vocals, Guitar, Piano Joe Gregory - Bass, Hammond Organ Lacey Brown - Drums Goal of session: We had hooked up with a psuedo-manager who incouranged us to record in a more "professional" studio to get a good demo to shop to labels. p.s. - we used ProTools for the first time on Cleopatra Eyes. We made a drum loop out of stuff that Lacey played, then built it from there!!
July - September 2000 - "Waiting for a World War" sessions Songs: So So Sad Sophie Baby U Rescued Me (No) Ordinary People Ride The Black Stallion Cleopatra Eyes (#2) Rocker Chixxx Dig Us Now You're On Your Own Old Age Low Flying Planes + link tracks #1 (aka "the boy with the wooden d.") #2 (aka "shaft") #3 (aka "wendy's party") outtakes: Self-Portrait (aka Radiation is Jazz #4) - would have come after "cleo" + basic tracks for more "link tracks" #4 (aka "sad carnival") - would have come in after "so so sad" #5 (aka "tangerine aura") would have come before "black stallion" Producer/Engineer: Blake Westcott (assisted by Casey Foubert) Musicians: Shane Tutmarc - Vocals, Wulitzer, Rhodes, Synths, Guitars, Organ, etc Joe Gregory - Bass, lead guitar on "Now You're On Your Own" Paul Mumaw - Drums additional musicians: Blake and Casey added percussion to a few tracks. Goal of session: To record a full-length. It eventually (6 months later) got released on Sonic Boom Recordings. Trivia: (No) Ordinary People was written the night before the drums were tracked. Some of the parts continued being written, even after the drums we layed down. Blake was very against this song being on the album (until it was finished). Funny, that this song ended up getting Dolour its first MTV exposure over a year later (on Extreme Challange - April 2002) More Trivia: The piano on "Low Flying Planes" (and the unreleased "links") were recorded at Shane's parents house (where he was still living at the time) HIstorical note: Joe Gregory (who had been with Dolour since the start) quit the band in January (3 months before the release of the album). This left Shane as the only member. Bummer.. but the best is yet to come!
January ? 2001 "Litho Sessions" Songs: First Degree NCMO Menage A Trois Iceland Sandi, Lets Do It Engineer: Clay Vomero at Studio Litho, Ballard Musicians: Shane Tutmarc - Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Piano Dustin Brown - Guitar, Synth, Bass (on NCMO) Joseph Childres - Bass, Vocals Joel Brown - Drums, Synth, Vocals Goal of session: To record an EP of new songs, and possibly have this be the starts of a second album. More sessions continued in February.
February ?? 2001 Songs: The Ballad Glue Engineer and Musicians same as before, except Shane played Bass on "Glue". Goal of session: To finish off the EP Clay told Shane to write a "ballad" (because the other songs were too rocking, and not enough variety).. so Shane wrote "The Ballad". Side note: "Glue" (which is still unreleased) is a really rocking, sorta Pixies-esque song, but when it was first written it was much slower.. Clay liked it, and thuoght of it as a contender for "the ballad position" on the ER.. but when Dolour recorded the newest arrangment.. it was far froma ballad. So thats how that ended up being recorded at this session.
During the next 6 months, Shane demoed tons and tons of songs.. while we was played with an ever rotating cast of players. People at these shows saw a "new" Dolour at every show, with a new stylistic approach.
September - October 2001 "Suburbiac" pre-production Songs: Get Yourself Together Menage a Trois Rest Your Head Suburbiac The Ballad Engineer/Producer: Aaron Sprinkle at the Compound, Seattle Musicians: Shane Tutmarc: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, (Drums on Get Yourself..) Aaron Sprinkle: Guitar, Drum programming, Synth, Vocals Phil Peterson: Cello, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Vocals Joey Sanches: Drums (on Menage a Trois) Goal of session: To start working on the second album, and hopefully get label interest. It was during these sessions that Shane got signed to ---- Records.
January 2002 - Continued Pre-Pro Songs: Menage A Trois - added/replaced guitars, vocals, etc. Highway Hypnosis - started a basic track (the bridge wasn't written yet) Get Yourself Together (Paul Mumaw added drums)
February 2002 Songs: A Matter of TIme Engineer: Randy Bacon Musicians: Shane Tutmarc: Vocals, Keyboards (piano, french horn, vibes, etc), Guitar, Bass, Drums, Whistles (aka all the sounds) Goal of session: to track a newly completed song, this one is slated for LP3.
February - March 7th - "Suburbiac" sessions Highway Hypnosis Get Yourself Together Menage a Trois Rest Your Head Suburbiac The Ballad Iceland Chasing the Wrong Girl Home A Billion Odd People Baggage Too Old For Fantasy Producer: Aaron Sprinkle and Shane Tutmarc Engineered and Mixed: by Aaron Sprinkle Additional musicians: Peter Sali - Mandolin on "too old for fantasy" Jason Outtakes: No outtakes were completed, but there is a piano/vocal demo for "Chasing the Wrong Girl Home" recorded just after Shane wrote the piano chords (the melody was already almost a year old, but no chords had been finalized until these sessions). Also piano/vocal demos were made of 2 unreleased songs "Next 2 U" and "Taste the Rain" - both slated for LP3. Goal of sessions: LP2!!!
March 2002 Songs: Sleeper Engineer: Randy Bacon at the Compound Musicians: Shane Tutmarc: Vocals, Piano, Keyboards (choir, steel drum), Bass, Drums, Pills Phil Peterson: Upright Bass, Vocals Goal of session: This (along with "A Matter of Time" recorded in March) is the beginning of pre-production for Dolour's third album (tenativly called "pieces")
April 2002 Songs: Rest Your Head (final mix) Highway Hypnosis (final mix) CPR or I Called Your Name