"Waiting for a World War" review from Shredding Paper #10.
(August 2001)

Remember when Seattle was the grunge capital of the U.S.? These days,
we see more indie pop acts surfacing out of the rainy city than Nirvana
look-alikes. Dolour, who hail from Seattle, reflect this trend perfectly.
Produced by Blake Wescott, who has worked with Seattle artists Damien Jurado and
Pedro the Lion, and fronted by creator Shane Tutmarc, "Waiting for a World War"
is a blissful psych-pop record that digs underneath your skin. While some
pop records are one-trick ponies, Dolour excels through the diversity of
its songs. From riff-rock ("Rocker Chixxx Dig Us") to keyboard led
jangle-pop ("So So Sad"), each trackoffers a little somethin' new. Helped by a perky
croon not unlike a happy Josh Rouse, Tutmarc has created a nice record with which
to get through the summer.