Originally found in Bellingham's Whats Up! Magazine. 

"The pop hook is a lost art in today's musical landscape. Unless yer in mega-pop 
bands (98 Degrees), the hook isn't what the msic's all about. Too bad, really, 
'cause there's nothing cooler than a good pop hook. 

Dolour, thankfully, knows how to write a good pop hook. Taking some (but not all)
their inspiration from 60's pop, Dolour creates a sound that's interesing and catchy. 
The songs on side A and B from their new 7" (on Bellingham's West of January
Records) are catchy, with beautiful harmonies and great melodies. The band,
though, has a cool edge to their sound, which separates them from other
post-Posies bands. The guitars are crisp instead of lush, which helps create a
dynamic but uncomplicated sound. 

Dolour's been kicking around the Northwest of a couple years. Hopefully this single
(thank God for vinyl) is a sign of things to come for the boys of Dolour." - Brent Cole